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Decide what type of Foster Coordinator you want your animal shelter or rescue group to have! We connect to PetPoint & Shelterluv.

No matter which plan you chose, we are confident Foster Keeper will make your pet Foster Coordinator happy and give them superpawers! Your organization's Foster parents will be grateful for the amazing customer service and communication, and well your pets will be ecstatic with happiness.

Want to learn more? Email us at to set up a 30 min Zoom meeting with our staff to see our program and see how Foster Keeper can boost your foster program!

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Pioneer Keeper

  • Up to 5 Users

  • 100 SMS/text messages per month

  • 1,000 emails per month

  • Unlimited pet and Foster home storage

Per month



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Super Keeper

  • Up to 5 Users

  • 300 SMS/text messages per month

  • 3,000 emails per month

  • Unlimited pet & Foster home storage

Per month



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Alpha Keeper

  • Up to 5 Users

  • 800 SMS/text messages per month

  • Unlimited emails per month

  • Unlimited pet and Foster home storage

Per Month




If you have any more questions or concerns, please email us or give us a call!

Is there a free trial option?

YES! We are a new program and want you to try it out as well. When you create an account, you will have 5 days to use Foster Keeper for free. Once those days are up, you will have to enter your credit card information and pay for your selected plan. To get the most out of our program, we suggest you set up a 15-30 min Zoom meeting with our staff to learn about all of our features. To set up your Zoom meeting just email us at:

How many pets and/or fosters can I store in Foster Keeper?

There is no limit! You can have as many pets and Fosters in Foster Keeper as you want. 

I already have a huge list of Fosters and pets, how do I get them into Foster Keeper?

We have a data import feature that will allow you to import your data from an Excel file. Just follow the import instructions, it is easy and quick! Use PetPoint or Shelterluv? No problem, their animal data can be synced with Foster Keeper.

What if I do not use all of my SMS/text messages or emails allocated to my plan that month, do they roll over to next month?

The number of SMS/text messages and emails does not roll over to the following month. However, if you run out of SMS/text messages and/or emails stated in your monthly plan, you are able to purchase more. Foster Keeper will automatically notify you that you are running low on SMS/text messages and/or emails, so you can buy extra if you need more. And if you realize that you are using more SMS/text messages and emails than you thought every month, you might want to consider upgrading to a different plan.

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