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Foster Keeper connects with PetPoint, Shelterluv & Chameleon!

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"Foster Keeper has played a major role in the ability of our foster-based rescue to stay organized as we juggle our volunteer fosters, clients in need, and available dogs. Maybe a mere coincidence, but since starting with Foster Keeper our intake of dogs and foster applications has tripled. We had been looking for a way improve our operational workflow in a single platform and without this app I know we’d still be struggling. It’s truly helping us save lives!" - Dogs Matter 2

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What is Foster Keeper?

Does your Animal Shelter or Rescue Group have a pet Foster Program? Want to improve yours or finally start one? Then Foster Keeper is made for you!

Foster Keeper is not a kennel management software nor is it meant to replace yours. Think of it as an amazing web-based dashboard that enhances your Foster Coordinator(s) abilities and gives amazing customer service to your Foster homes, while increasing your live release rates as more animals will be placed in homes creating more space at your organization.

If you are an animal rescue organization that needs an easy, affordable, and cool way to store and organize your pet and foster home data, Foster Keeper can also work great for you.

Why Foster Keeper?

No matter the size of your animal welfare organization, Foster Keeper will make your animal shelter or rescue group more:


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Save Time. Communicate More.

Foster Keeper allows your Foster Coordinator to be more efficient and provide effective communication, retention and recruitment of a large quantity of fosters, and more importantly find open foster homes and the right match for your pets.


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More happy animals in Foster Homes.

Foster Keeper will help increase the live release rate of your organization and decrease euthanasia rates by facilitating the process of placing animals in Foster homes. Animals in Foster homes blossom and become more adoptable with time.


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Low price. High quality.

Foster Keeper's monthly fees are fair because we understand that most of the money given to animal organizations is and should be used for the animals. However, we won't sacrifice innovation and quality.


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Less emotional Stress. Happier Staff. Higher Foster Retention rates.

Foster Keeper will improve the workload and work process of your Foster Coordinator(s) in ways they only dreamt of! Our program was created by a Foster Coordinator that managed over 100 foster animals, and had two other roles at the shelter, so we get it!

Want to see more of Foster Keeper?

Email us at to set up a 30 minute Zoom meeting with our staff to learn more about how Foster Keeper can give your Foster Coordinator superpawers and boost your foster program!

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